20 Pack Selenite Sticks for Healing, Reiki, & Metaphysical Energy Drawing

20 Pack Selenite Sticks for Healing, Reiki, & Metaphysical Energy Drawing

Selenite Crystal Wands by Soul Sticks – Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

About the Product:

  • 4 Inch Selenite Wands: Ideal for cleansing your aura, these wands are perfect for those sensitive to emotional and spatial energies.
  • High Vibration for Energy Cleansing: Selenite’s pure vibration promotes super-consciousness, connecting you with your Highest Self and the Divine.

Ethical Sourcing:

  • Sourced from Morocco: Mined and polished using eco-friendly methods, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
  • Family-Owned Mine: Ensures good working conditions for miners and staff involved in producing these crystal wands.

Product Features:

  • Includes: 20 Selenite crystal wands (4 inches each) with an introductory guide to Selenite.
  • Usage: Ideal for aura cleansing and metaphysical energy drawing in Reiki and other spiritual practices.
  • Directions for Use: Detailed guide on how to use the wands for energy cleansing.

Customer Feedback:

  • High Customer Satisfaction: Numerous positive ratings and reviews from satisfied users.
  • Diverse Applications: Used for various spiritual practices, including crystal gift packs and art creation.

4.7 Star Customer Reviews:

  • Global Ratings: Over 1,269 ratings, indicating widespread use and satisfaction.


Additional Product Information:

  • Package Dimensions: Each wand measures 23.19 x 13.21 x 4.9 cm and weighs 980 grams.
  • Manufacturer: Soul Sticks, known for quality spiritual tools.

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