Set of 3 Healing Crystal Wands

Set of 3 Healing Crystal Wands

Set of 3 Healing Crystal Wands: Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Amethyst

Enhance Your Spiritual Journey with Natural Crystal Power

Product Description

Embrace the healing energy of natural crystals with Mina Heal’s Set of 3 Healing Crystal Wands. This exquisite set includes pointed and faceted prism bars of Clear Quartz, Fluorite, and Amethyst, each offering unique healing properties.

Features and Benefits

  • Three Powerful Crystals: Includes Clear Quartz for clarity, Amethyst for spirituality, and Green Fluorite for detoxification and energy balancing.
  • Natural and Genuine: 100% authentic crystals with no dyeing or chemical treatments.
  • Versatile Healing Tools: Perfect for Reiki, Chakra meditation, therapy decor, and as a beautiful symbol of joy and cheerfulness.
  • Unique Characteristics: Each wand has its own color, tone, shape, and size, adding to its uniqueness and charm.

Customer Reviews

  • “Beautiful Crystals with Rainbows” – Mrs. Clare Whittam: “Lovely colors full of rainbows, perfect for my granddaughter.”
  • “Gorgeous” – Tammy Rooth: “Exactly as described, the crystal is absolutely gorgeous.”
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Product Details

  • Color: Set of 3 (Clear Quartz, Amethyst & Fluorite)
  • Material: Natural crystals
  • Brand: Mina Heal
  • Package Dimensions: 17.9 x 15.7 x 1.2 cm; 60 Grams
  • ASIN: B07891SCPS

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